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NVC Tip/Idea No. 7. “The Dance Between the Limbic System and Cerebral Cortex”

by wayne ~ November 13th, 2018

An aha moment I had recently was listening to a podcast where Elon Musk was been interviewed.  He described in what was for me a really useful way of looking at  how we have communication challenges with others and ourselves.  And that the problem is an interface issue between the Limbic System and Cerebral Cortex. Continue reading »

NVC Tip/Idea No. 6 .  “Empowering Families through NVC & Dynamic Governance”

by deb ~ November 13th, 2018

Life can be busy!! Often through that busyness, we loose sight of the culture / traditions that bonds us as a family. Movie nights, snuggle times, family trips to the park.. all times that speak of connection, closeness, love, warmth, joy, celebration and reassures us that we matter.

We at the Med Giraffe, are currently working with a family group which includes two young people aged 11 and 14, who see the value of what NVC / Dynamic Governance can contribute to their lives as individuals and as a family.

Continue reading »

NVC Tip No. 5 “All we are ever doing is meeting needs” Part 2

by wayne ~ September 26th, 2018

NVC Tip No. 5 . “All we are ever doing is attempting to meet needs”.  Part two : Continue reading »

NVC Idea No.4 All we are ever doing is attempting to Meet Needs Pt. 1

by wayne ~ September 25th, 2018

“All we are ever doing is attempting to meet needs”.  Part one

Every action a person takes and any words a person uses are an attempt to meet a need.  Sometimes we are successful and the need is met, sometimes not and we get to mourn the unmet need.  Through our up bringing and life experiences ,we come up with habitual patterns that maybe once met our needs and maybe now no longer do. Yet we get locked into running the strategy over and over again and hoping for a different result. Continue reading »

NVC Idea No. 3 Empathy Buddies

by wayne ~ September 25th, 2018

“Importance of Empathy Buddies”
A very important  relationship we can set up in our NVC Practice is a supportive empathy buddy or buddies.  These are people that can be at the same level / stage as us and want to really learn NVC and get the empathy support that allows us to connect with and transform jackals that come up from day to day experiences. Continue reading »

NVC Idea No. 2 – “NVC Starts with ME”

by deb ~ September 7th, 2018

“NVC Starts with ME”
To us this is what NVC is most about.  Doing our own connective and inner work so we can be more compassionate and available to those around us.  We have discovered over the years in our own relationship how important it is to find our own empathy places and practices to support us when we are both struggling to hear each other.

Practices can be: Continue reading »

Idea No. 1 – Connection before Education

by deb ~ September 7th, 2018

Connection before Education
Its important as a parent or teacher to go for connection first before any kind of education.  Whether we are sharing with our child a way of behaving that would more meet our needs or engaging in a classroom or course with students who are challenging.  It is important to go for connection first. Continue reading »

Emotional Competence – Gabor Mat’e

by deb ~ November 29th, 2017

Here is a great exert from Gabor Mat’e’s Book – When the Body Says No.  Its all about tuning into our bodies and listening to its wisdom.  Of course within this is connecting with our needs met or unmet and understanding that true healing happens in this place.

First we must build our Emotional Competence.  Gabor writes Continue reading »

I dont SNAP I transform – Thom Bond

by deb ~ June 7th, 2017

Here is a great 2min 9sec talk by Thom Bond that explains the skill we teach very succinctly.  Check it out.

Some awesome Words Of Wisdom from Carl Rogers

by deb ~ April 18th, 2017

Empathy and Presence