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NVC Tip/Idea No. 7. “The Dance Between the Limbic System and Cerebral Cortex”

by wayne ~ November 13th, 2018. Filed under: News.

An aha moment I had recently was listening to a podcast where Elon Musk was been interviewed.  He described in what was for me a really useful way of looking at  how we have communication challenges with others and ourselves.  And that the problem is an interface issue between the Limbic System and Cerebral Cortex.

When we  are triggered by an event or a person there is an emotional stimulation that goes on in the body.  This starts with sensations which then turn into feelings and if it is a strong triggering then we end up with strong and at times intense emotions.  When I track through a day I notice that throughout the day I am constantly stimulated by my sensations and feelings and in many ways I just react to them.  When the Limbic System is triggered  the Cerebral Cortex rushes to make it happy and normally if I do not take a few moments or longer I react in not so useful ways.

NVC is a fantastic interface model for the connection of the Limbic System and Cerebral Cortex and through understanding this I have discovered I can create even more connection, compassion and presence in my every day interactions.

So a way I have used this understanding is if I am beginning to react in a not so useful way where I realise I am in a more emotive reactive space.   An example fo this is I am about to defend my position  (a sure sign I am reactive) I take a moment and say to myself “Ahh I have an interface issue” then I take a breath or 10 feel into where I am experiencing the sensations and feelings then from this place take some time to connect with needs and form some next step actions as requests of myself.  Basic NVC.

Through seeing this as an interface issue it makes it easier for me to then take some time for the interface between Cerebral Cortex and Limbic System to connect, through this connection to unmet needs it seems the Cerebral Cortex is in a much more resourceful place to work out my next steps and this is often a more compassionate place to come from.

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